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South African slang for "posh", fancy or just being lekker.



South African word for good; pleasant; slightly intoxicating; (aderb) extremely.

So simple.



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Pool FAQs.

How easy is it to set up?

Setting up your Binlaanie is done in a few simple steps: 


  • Connect the pump and pipes
  • Fill it up with water
  • Plug in the pump
  • Enjoy
Can I move it around?

The Binlaanie portable pools are designed to do just that. Whether you want to move it from one side of your stoep to another, take it along on vacation or find a new spot for it as you travel our beautiful country, it moves where you need it. 


Binlaanie fits perfectly on the back of any bakkie or small trailer. You can also get yourself a "Duk Laanie" which comes with wheels. 

What are the safety warnings?

Always have a responsible adult around when children are in or around the pool.


Strictly no diving.


Do not use electronics or electrical components in or close to the pool. 

What is the required maintenance?

The pool filter should be cleaned at least once a week. Do not let the filter dry as it increases the difficult to clean the filter. 


Additionally spa chlorine tablets or a small chlorine floater will help keep your pool crystal clear and clean.

These can be obtained at most supermarkets or online at Takealot.  

Is there accesories or custom options for my pool?

Should you have any specific requests or needs please get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements. 


Send us a mail at or a message via our contact page.


It's not often that what you buy surpasses all of your expectations. This was the case for me though, when I treated myself to my Binlaanie. The aesthetic is beautiful. The structure is solid and best of all, it really makes me smile. It was easy to set up and it becomes part of the house. No inflatable kiddies pool equivalent. It really is more like a serious and gorgeous addition to our home. And don't get me started on the very attentive service throughout.

Robyn Halkett

Binlaanie Pools are from beginning to end brilliant. The idea, customer service and delivery were all perfect. Special attention was paid to every detail. Now that we are proud owners of a Binlaanie pool we could not be happier to dip in and out every day! Assembly, maintenance and upkeep are simple so it’s all round awesome!

Tinka Shapiro

My experience in getting my Binlaanie was simply amazing from the outset. Nothing was too much trouble for the Binlaanie team. They put so much pride into their work and the resultant product and finer details have all been well considered. We use our Binlaanie regularly and have had no challenges. I highly recommend the Binlaanie team if you're looking to support local and expect high quality dealings.

Jason Scheckle


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